Waste Management

Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Industrial & Commercial Waste

Committed to the growing demands of the Waste Management Sector, our company through the services it provides, aims to promote Waste Recycling Packaging from Non – Municipal Waste, i.e., Industrial and Commercial Packaging Waste.

Industrial and Commercial Waste is one of the most significant sources of recyclable materials. This sector focuses on recording and promotion (through financial incentives to the companies they collect and market materials) of the recycling achieved in its field industry and commerce (e.g., from retail chains, warehouses, production units, etc.). The purpose of the system is to give incentives for collectors to be more active in areas or in materials of no economic interest.

Solid Waste Management

Ecostart S.A. manages, in partnership with the public sector, one of the largest municipal solid waste treatment plants in our country.

Utilization of Waste

We are using the most modern technology for waste treatment and utilization.

Our aim is to protect the environment in compliance with the latest European directives in this field.

Wastewater Services

Our services are not limited to the collection of the generated waste but mainly to its rational management and utilization. We are working with the appropriate types of treatment required in order to protect the environment and to comply with the environmental conditions. ECOSTART S.A. uses bio-purification technologies following some basic principles for pre-treatment and pollutant removal.

Sludge treatment & Management

Our goal is the integrated management of the active sludge of the Wastewater Treatment Plant using the appropriate treatment systems. The main purpose of sludge treatment and management is:
  • Reduction of water content for better and more cost-effective management
  • Removal of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Stabilization of the finished product
  • Reduce unpleasant odors
  • Prevent, reduce, eliminate the rot potential
  • Advanced Sludge Treatment

    The concept and importance of recycling, in order to ensure the protection of the environment and humans, is adopted in the alternative methods of advanced treatment of the produced biofuels by applying the compost process.

    Environmental Permits

    Ecostar S.A., specializes in environmental licensing as it is made up of renowned environmental engineers with extensive experience in licensing. In addition, the company’s engineers are able to provides environmental impact assessment for a range of sectors, such as large infrastructure projects, tourism development projects, urban development, buildings, recreational centers, industrial facilities.

    Business activities that may cause pollution or that pose another risk to the environment are regulated. Depending on the activity and its scope, you will submit your permit application to the Competent Department of the Environmental Licensing Directorate. You must ensure that you have appropriate authorization for the activities your business carries out.

    You may not start your activity before it has been granted a permit or before the permit has become legally valid.