z_Solid Waste Management Plants

Solid Waste Management

Ecostart S.A. manages, in partnership with the public sector, one of the largest municipal solid waste treatment plants in our country.

Utilization of Waste

We are using the most modern technology for waste treatment and utilization.

Our aim is to protect the environment in compliance with the latest European directives in this field.

Waste sorting

Solid waste is collected by appropriate means and transferred to our licensed facilities. The company operates recycling centers for packaging materials and non-materials, ranging from paper, plastic, metal, glass, demolition materials, electronic and electrical appliances.

By effectively separating waste into different types of recyclables, we increase the amount of reusable materials.

Recovery of waste

Our purpose is to manage waste in a new direction, applying integrated solutions in a circular economy. Aiming at a zero-waste society, we promote the reuse, recovery and recycling of materials using appropriate methods.

Ecostart provides the appropriate equipment and, in collaboration with Alternative Waste Management Systems, organizes recycling / recovery of paper, plastic, glass, and tin in public services, commercial businesses and industries.

Processing of waste

Our aim is to minimize the environmental impact, thus we are developing and supporting innovative disposal and treatment methods. The application of the composting method gives us the competitive advantage of producing compost-type products with great agricultural and soil-improvement value.

We are continuously investing in in new technologies, giving the advantage of faster and more efficient waste treatment.