Environmental Legislation Training

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Environmental Legislation Training

Ecostart’s comprehensive environmental legislation training course offers a series of online webinars designed to keep your departments abreast of past, present, and future amendments in legislation concerning the environmental impact on the shipping industry. By participating in these webinars, you gain invaluable insights into how these regulatory changes can influence onboard operations.

Our webinars are meticulously crafted to be highly adaptable, ensuring that we address a wide range of environmental and sustainability topics. Whether it’s exploring the latest environmental regulations, discussing emerging sustainable practices, or delving into specific areas of concern, our webinars provide a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing and learning.

Led by industry experts with in-depth knowledge and experience, our webinars equip your team with the necessary tools and understanding to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. We understand that staying informed and adaptable is paramount in an industry where environmental standards continuously evolve, and our training courses empower your departments to proactively respond to these changes. Join us as we explore the forefront of environmental regulations and sustainability practices through our engaging and insightful webinars.


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