Onboard Management Manuals (OMM)

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Onboard Management Manuals (OMM)

Ecostart offers an extensive range of services encompassing the development and implementation of Onboard Management Manuals (OMMs) for ships. Leveraging our expertise in environmental services and maritime consulting, we provide shipowners and operators with comprehensive support in creating customized OMMs tailored to their unique vessels and operational requirements.

With our extensive knowledge, we meticulously develop detailed OMMs that encompass various shipboard management aspects. These include safety procedures, emergency response protocols, maintenance routines, operational guidelines, and strict compliance with industry regulations.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that the OMMs we deliver are comprehensive, up-to-date, and aligned with international standards and best practices. Drawing upon our expertise, we engage closely with the ship’s crew and management, identifying areas for improvement and establishing efficient procedures. By doing so, we enhance the overall safety and operational performance on board, fostering a culture of excellence and compliance.

By engaging with Ecostart, shipowners and operators gain access to the expertise and guidance necessary to develop effective OMMs that instil a culture of safety, compliance, and operational excellence. These manuals serve as invaluable resources for the crew, providing them with clear instructions and procedures to ensure smooth operations and mitigate risks effectively.


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