Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Calculation

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Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Calculation

Ecostart offers a service that includes the calculation of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) for ships and provides estimations for future years. The CII calculation is a method to assess and measure the carbon efficiency of individual ships and the shipping industry as a whole.

By utilizing the last updated data and parameters specific to the ship, such as fuel consumption, distance travelled, and cargo carried, our experts are able to accurately determine the carbon intensity of the vessel. This calculation provides valuable insights into the ship’s environmental performance and serves as a baseline for tracking and improving carbon emissions.

In addition to the current CII calculation, Ecostart’s service extends to estimating the future CII for ships. By considering factors like planned efficiency measures, technological advancements, and operational changes, we can provide projections of the vessel’s carbon intensity in the coming years. These estimations help ship operators and stakeholders assess the potential impact of various initiatives and strategies aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

By offering CII calculation and future estimations, Ecostart enables ship operators to proactively manage their carbon footprint and make informed decisions regarding efficiency improvements and emissions reduction. This service supports the industry’s efforts to transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible shipping sector.


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