z_Maintenance Part I

Maintenance Part I


Following the completion of IHM Part I, and always according to IMO Resolution MEPC.269(68)/2015 Guidelines for the Development of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials, compulsorily follows the maintenance of IHM Part I. In view of that, our highly qualified team of experts in combination to ‘EcoVessel’ digital tool, guarantee the best result for maintaining your fleet, green.

EcoVessel is a tool that helps you oversee and manage all your company’s vessels with safety and accuracy from a single online Platform. Below you will find the steps regarding the Maintenance of IHM Part I, as they are processed by EcoVessel:

After the collection the IHM report Part I and the vessel’s drawing plans, the shipping company registered in the EcoVessel Online Platform. Successful registration means access to an active profile for all your vessels, in which all necessary information is included, like current status, location of Hazardous Materials already detected on-board and checkpoints considered as Potentially Contained Hazardous Materials – PCHM.

From that point onward, each new installation on your vessel is monitored by providing shipping company’s suppliers with a password. When a new material is installed, the supplier logs in to the Platform with a unique password generated by Ecostart SA and provided to the shipping company and fills out all mandatory information regarding the Suppliers Declaration of Conformity and the Material Declaration. That is all it takes to keep the vessel’s status updated.

At this point, our highly trained team of engineers take over and check the uploaded files, searching for hazardous materials and updating the vessel’s status.

Our goal is not only the service of maintenance of the IHM report Part I, but also to actively prevent the installation of hazardous materials on vessels.