z_Covid 19 Contigency Plan

Covid-19 Contigency Plan

In response to the worldwide covid outbreak, Ecostart S.A. offers a comprehensive contingency plan providing guidance and precautions to minimize risks of infection from the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) to seafarers, passengers, and all people onboard as well as instructions in case of emergency. The plan has been developed in accordance with the IMO Circular letter No.4203 & 4204ICS Corona Virus GuidanceWHO guidance and other marine industry guidance available and forms practical guide to manage any Coronavirus- related emergency situation onboard. Apart from providing a general picture of the symptoms and transmission, it also offers risk assessment, general rules for hygiene onboard as well as port precautions and emergency actions in case of infection, from onboard actions to port related and key requirements to develop a medical isolation area. Posters and forms in the end of the manual can help seafarers to keep in mind key measures to stay protected and face any related incident